Beyond Descartes

Data comes down to eye level when you visualize it. Polynary data visualization is a new method of graphing data or equations with more than 3 variables.   

 Visualization has been used for centuries to convey information about data, mathematical models and scientific concepts, but most quantitative problems worth considering have more than three variables.  



Cartesian Think” has limited our ability to conceptualize beyond the XYZ axes – to think visually outside the Cartesian box.  The Polynary fractal coordinate system breaks through this thought barrier with visualizations of high-dimensional data that quickly yield a deep understanding of key relationships.  Our  data visualization tools are powerful, intuitive, and interactive.     




The Polynary Advantage:  

  • Self-service BI through visual data discovery.
  •  Polynary tools enable rapid discovery of patterns and correlations, cluster analysis and similarity mapping.
  • Predictive analytics that bypass the time and cost to develop complex statistical models.  The results simply "fall out of" the Polynary notational method.